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Students for hire: Nancy from Hayden, Jill from Spokane Valley, Whitney from California, and Claire from California. Schedule your dog today with one of these students learning the art of dog grooming!
Student graduates: Kayla from Sandpoint, Liz from Florida
Professional Groomers on Staff: Theresa specializes in small breeds, Ally specializes in Northern breeds, DuAnn specializes in schnauzers, cats and goldendoodles, Liz specializes in Springers and Schitzus.
NEEDED: We need your old towels! We pay or trade for your used bath towels!


Tick Removal on dogs
Ticks under the ear
Dogs get ticks primarily from being outside. Ticks like the same temperatures that humans do, and are most active during spring and summer months. Wooded areas, high grasses, bushes, and leaf piles make perfect homes for ticks until your unsuspecting dog walks near enough for a quick landing.  Check your dog over regularly for ticks if they are outside during tick season.  The most common area to find a tick is on the head, near the ears, or tucked into a fold of the body.  In the grooming room, we find 70 % of the ticks near the dog’s head, and they especially love to nestle in long, fluffy fur, such as Golden Retriever fur.

Ticks carry a variety of diseases, and for this reason, it is best to remove the tick from your pet as early as possible.  The chances of the tick transferring a disease to your dog is almost zero if you can remove the tick within 12 hours of its attaching. Ticks can also cause spreading paralysis.  If your dog suddenly has trouble operating portions of his body, check for ticks.  The paralysis will reverse itself with removal of the tick. Ticks come in all colors, from grey, green, yellow, red, black, and brown.   They often look like warts or moles on a dog.  You can tell the difference between a dog mole and a tick by looking for the tiny black feet at the base of the skin.  If you rub the mole back and forth and you see little feet wiggling at the skin, you know you have a tick!

 Here is a quick method to rid your dog of this unwelcome pest.  Take a hemostat or tweezers to the base of the dog’s skin where the tick is attached.  Get the tweezers as absolutely close to the dog’s skin as you can without pinching the skin.  Apply strong, even pressure to the head of the tick and pull up slowly and firmly.  If you have locking hemostats, these work best.  You have to use enough pressure that many times the dog’s skin will extend away from their body by an inch to three inches.  The tick will disengage within 10 seconds.

You can flush the tick or put the tick in a vial of alcohol to kill it.  If you suspect that your dog may need to be treated for a disease shared by the tick, it is a good idea to keep the tick (in a vial of Removing a tickalcohol) for the doctor to identify later if necessary.  Be sure to date the tick vial with a permanent marker.

Clean the opening where the tick was with antiseptic and apply antibiotic cream to the opening.  Often, red welting occurs for about a week where the tick was removed. In some cases, the hair does not regrow where the tick was attached.

Prevention is key, if you are performing tick removal for your pet regularly and often (finding or removing ticks more than once monthly), it is best to buy professional topical tick treatments from your veterinarian or pet store.  The treatments are monthly and easy to apply, although they are pesticides and are chemically based.  The risk of disease or paralysis caused by the tick far outweighs the negative benefits of using chemicals.

If you live in tick country, you can quite possibly save your dog’s life with tick bite prevention. Keep Frontline, Advantix, or Revolution Tick Treatment on hand.  Stay on schedule with disease prevention by marking the calendar when it’s due. Keep tweezers or hemostats, peroxide, antibiotic crème and possibly hydrocortisone crème (for swelling and itching) in the medicine cabinet.  Check your dogs over daily for ticks, double checking ears, bellies, toes, and tails.   With a little bit of prevention and action, you and your dog can stay healthy, happy and enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.
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Bee Stings on your dog: If your dog is stung by a bee, pull the stinger out, and tape a penny to the sting site.  Give it 15 minutes and the soreness and swelling will be alleviated. Keep Benadryl on hand in case of swelling. If your dog has trouble breathing after a bee sting, bring him or her to the vet immediately.

Pooch Parlor family

The Pooch Parlor is a place for pets and their people that want a clean, professional and family environment for grooming, where safety, professionalism and customer service are held to the highest possible standard.  

We offer the following services:
*doggie drive-thru (for handhelds only)
* full service grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats by state-certified groomers    
*student grooming discounts      
*offer ‘no-kennel’ grooming by request        
*owner stay grooming by request       
*self-service bathing stations       
*walk-in appointments         


* teeth scaling  and/or teeth brushing          
* nail trimming  and dremeling (filing) on a walk-in basis       
*anal gland expressing         
* bird nails and wing trimming 
*retail grooming tools       
*doggie day care          
*owner grooming training by request     
*doggie and family portraits (free)                                                                                           

Pooch Parlor Groomers/Staff.  Every groomer has undergone rigorous training  to attain their certification at the state level.  The training includes more than


instruction about the technical aspects of grooming and scissoring, it includes strict codes of conduct and tight guidelines for ethical treatments of pets and their owners, safety practices, and cleaning standards.  This certification is something we are most proud of, as the grooming industry is not regulated, and only 5 percent of all groomers spend the time and money to train under any qualified guidelines.  All employees are drug-tested and undergo criminal background checks. 


The Pooch Parlor Pet Groomer Academy, is the only grooming school licensed and bonded through the Board of Education, in the State of Idaho.  We offer training to students that come from all over the nation to acquire certification.  We offer reduced student grooming rates for those customers that want to help groomers-in-training. 

 We also have a camera handy and LOVE to take pictures of our staff, students, customers, and their dogs.  There is no charge for family portrait and we email it to you, just ask.  Pictures of your 4 legged kids are really important, since our time with them is never long enough during our lives.                                                                                                                  

The Pooch Parlor in Ponderay is owned and operated by DuAnn Chambers and her husband Mike.  Mike is not a groomer, he is professional underwater diver, and a remodeling specialist, with Git ‘er Done Construction LLC., and helps out in the grooming shop with all repairs and upgrades unless the upgrade is granite –thanks again Idaho Granite, we love the  countertops!.  Mike and DuAnn have been married 20 years, and have no human children.  They share the love scuba diving, travel and, Mike and DuAnn Chambersof dogs, owning a mini schnauzer, 4 year old ‘Grouchy Greta’, a Standard Poodle, Montee, 9 years old, and an adopted Rottweiler cross, Marlie, 10 years.   In our spare time, we scuba dive to visit with all the underwater animals.   We thank all of you our friends and customers for making it possible for us to LOVE what we do!  Thank you!


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To provide a clean, safe, fun, family environment for dogs and their humans, where integrity, customer service and professionalism are held to the highest possible standard.