Training Days/Availability:

Student training days are Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Friday. Students come from 8:30- 3:30 for training, and choose the days that work best for them for training. Students train at their own pace. Only 2 new students a month are taken at this time and reservations are required if you have a specific start and graduation date that you would like. The majority of students start their training at the beginning of the new month.

for courses:

The basic course requires a minimum of $1,000.00 down no later that 2 weeks before the 1st day of class. The advanced course requires a deposit of $2,000.00 to be paid no later than 2 weeks before the 1st day of class. The Advanced Professional Course requires a deposit of $3500.00 to be paid no later than 2 weeks before the 1st day of class. The remaining payments are due weekly until the class is paid in full. The balance of the course must be paid in full by the time the student has completed half of the course. Courses and deposits can be paid with Visa, Paypal (, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, check, or money order. Credit Cards will be charged a 2% processing fee.


Students must attend a minimum of one day a week to stay enrolled in Pooch Parlor. Attendance days to be determined between student and trainer.


The deposits are not refundable as they are used to buy the equipment for the course. In the event that the student discontinues the course before 20 hours of training have been completed, the equipment is theirs to keep or sell. In the event that the student discontinues the course 20%-50% into the course and does not have the course paid for, the equipment becomes the property of the Pooch Parlor. (Drop-out students will receive no credit for the hours spent during their first training should they decide to retake the course at a later date.) Refunds of the balance of monies paid will be prorated up to 50% completion of the course. After 50% completion, no refunds will be given.



By signing this document, trainees are legally bound and agree to the terms of the non-compete clause for the Pooch Parlor. No trainee can open an independent grooming facility within 20 miles of the Pooch Parlor location. Working for an establishment that has a grooming facility in place at the time of the signing of this document is acceptable course of employment.



Dog and cat groomer can be physically challenging on your back and feet. It is worth considering what your physical limitations may be before, during, and after your career as a pet groomer. Please notify your trainer of any physical considerations necessary to complete your course, including diabetes, epilepsy, bipolar, arthritis, etc.


Notify the trainer of and all medications needed or prescribed for daily, weekly or monthly living. All medications must be locked up and/or kept private (on the students body) during school hours. Drug sharing of any kind will result in immediate expulsion from the program for both students. Staying free from recreational drugs (including marijuana) and/or non-prescribed medication during the entirety of the school time is necessary for the safe-keeping of all dogs. Drug testing is part of Pooch Parlor, and students and employees will be subject to routine drug testing for the entire span of their time with Pooch Parlor.

Alcohol Use During or On School Premises:

Alcohol Usage during on school premises, or alcohol use that has residual effects at school (a hangover or impaired motor or mental abilities from previous days use) is grounds for immediate termination. Pooch Parlor must take every precaution to ensure the dogs are handled and groomed as safely as possible. All students and employees are subject to blood-alcohol testing if alcohol use and/or abuse is suspected during school hours.

Clearview (Theraputic boarding school) girls:

Any student that is introduced to the Pooch Parlor via the ‘Clearview’ Program in Montana is required to be enrolled in the Clearview Program for the duration of their training, and/or volunteering at Pooch Parlor. Any exceptions to this must be authorized by the Clearview Director.

Counseling Requirements for Therapeutic Boarder Graduates:

Any student attending the Pooch Parlor Groomers Academy that is or has transitioned from a therapeutic boarding school or program within 18 months is required to be under a counselors care. Many counselors pick up students for “check in” meetings weekly or bi-weekly from Pooch Parlor. Therapeutic Boarding School graduates are required to meet at least weekly with a licensed, recognized counselor. This relieves emotion buildups that can otherwise adversely affect the dogs they learn to groom.


Pictures are taken daily of all students working on dogs for the purposes of family interaction and future pictures of work for the student portfolio. Enthusiastic interactions of family with praise, comments, and interactions on the FACEBOOK page are encouraged!

Diplomas and certifications of completed courses:

All students that graduate will be certified groomers through the State of Idaho and can use their diploma as a qualified all-breed groomer anywhere in the world .