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What to do if your dog eats chocolate

Or … How to get your dog to puke in an emergency.

What do I do if your dog eats a whole box of chocolates?

This is the question of the holiday season: do you know how to make your dog puke in an emergency?

My very own 12 pound schnauzer, Greta, ate an ENTIRE box of See’s chocolate Truffles when I was running an errand. Her belly was entirely bloated. It was enough chocolate to kill 4 small dogs. I was so glad that I had peroxide at home for this emergency. I put my little Greta in our free standing tub and was relieved to see the peroxide worked within 10 seconds. And it was NOT pretty! Fortunately for Greta, I had plenty of dog shampoo on hand. She did not have any adverse affects the next day.


You, (being a dog owner) probably know that chocolate is very bad for dogs, and eaten in enough quantity, can kill them. Many people who are not dog owners do not know this and so during the holidays, its natural that they share with your dog as your guest. If you feel that your dog is at risk (eaten more than a few pieces of chocolate), find some hydrogen peroxide and salt. Get a tablespoon and fill it halfway with salt (table salt will do). Fill the rest of the spoon with hydrogen peroxide. Open your dog’s mouth, and put the spoon full of peroxide and salt in the back of the mouth and pour the mixture as far back on the tongue as you can get. Do not do this gently, as it is the dog’s gag reflex that you are stimulating. You should have the contents of the dog’s stomach emptied within 5 minutes. If not, you can repeat this process 2 more times until you get the desired result. Typically, when the dog does erupt, everything does come back up, not just part. Keep in mind when you do this, that the dog will be making a mess. Confine the dog to the tub or cleanable area when using this emergency concoction.

Feed your dog a small amount of dog food and water after they have emptied their stomach to absorb any leftover acid. If you dog acts lethargic or dizzy for more than 20 minutes after this emergency procedure, call a vet immediately for advice on your dog’s symptoms. Keep peroxide and salt at home, it might just save your dog’s life!

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