Hot Spots

Hot Spots and Mosquitos- Home
Remedies that Help

Hot Spots and Mosquitos are two warm weather issues that can be a nuisance for dogs and their owners. Left untreated hot spots and mosquitos can leave dog’s skin oozing and raw over huge
portions of the body.  Basic brown mouthwash (NEVER SWEETENED WITH XYLITOL. Xylitol kills pets) can be incredibly
helpful for both of these summertime occurrences.

Hot Spots: Always have your local veterinarian give you an initial diagnosis and plan to help cure and treat
hot spots, as hot spots are caused by many internal and external factors.
Recurring warm weather hot spots are common for thick-coated, and/or swimming dogs.  If the skin is unable to fully dry, a mild to severe infection, or ‘hot spot’ on the skin can occur, which is
smelly and gooey.  Saturating the area that is predisposed to hot spots with basic brown mouthwash does two things to help the problem: 1. It kills the bacteria in the fur and on the skin that is
feeding the hot spot, which reduces the smell, and 2. The high alcohol content helps dry out the skin where moisture feeds the hot spot.  For dogs that swim, squirt a generous amount of mouthwash on the skin (usually on the hips tail, and butt end) after the dog finishes swimming, and let air dry. The mouthwash does not burn the anus, or sanitary area, and if the mist inadvertently gets into the dogs eyes, the sting is short-lived as the alcohol content evaporates quickly and easily.

Mosquitos:  Basic brown mouthwash is a natural repellent
for insects.  A squirt bottle that is one half brown mouthwash, and one half water, is an easy way to protect your pets from mosquitos and fleas.  Simply mist your pet with the mixture once every other day during warm weather.  Let the mixture air dry on your pet.  Enjoy a chemical-free pesticide alternative.

Dollar store brown mouthwash is an affordable and helpful product to keep at home for your pets summertime health.


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