Individual Training

Individual Training

Individual TrainingThe Pooch Parlor groomers and staff highly recommend this one-on-one training for any individual that is interested in keeping up on grooming their dog in between professional groomings.

This course is just as great for those individuals desiring to do their own at-home grooming. Customers that are interested in learning how to groom their own dog at home is commonly asked for at the Pooch Parlor.

Individual training is offered to those owners before or after regular business hours. The training is done at either shop. The fee is $50/hour. The dog and his owner have a one-on-one session with the groomer.

During this hour, the major steps of grooming and individual breed requirements are gone over. The typical hour consists of the owner and groomer assessing the grooming needs of the dog. The dog is brushed out or clipped down, the eye hair is clipped or scissored, the hair around the tushy and privates is clipped, the nails are trimmed, the ears are plucked and cleaned, the anal glands are expressed if necessary and the dog is bathed. We even show you how to brush your dogs teeth if you like. Depending on the dog and the owner, most dogs go home shortly after the bath. Training

Drying is done depending on the availability of the owner and emotional needs of the dog. Owners learning to groom their own dogs often gain enough knowledge during the 1st hour of training to adeptly groom their own dog, but are welcome to return for more tutoring as many times at they feel they need.

All equipment is supplied by the Pooch Parlor during the 1st hour of individual training. If further training is required, the owner must purchase their own equipment. Just call for an appointment, all you need to start is your dog. (All dogs must be on leashes or in carriers.)

Grooming supplies are available upon request. There are always professional clippers, blades, scissors, brushes, combs, rakes and shampoo available. Often there is used clippers, blades and scissors for sale. We are happy to give advice on any piece of grooming equipment, whether it is something we sell or use, or something we don’t. Just ask!