Level II

Course II – Advanced Groomer Course

This course consists of 400 hours of one-on-one training. Three to seven months to complete. This course is geared to those individuals that have no prior knowledge of dog grooming and who wish to graduate as an all breed dog and cat groomer with the skills to work for someone else. Students are taught the basics of brushing and bathing, handling the dogs, and their owners. They are taught the advanced technical skills used to groom bichons, poodles, Bouvier’s and schnauzers. This course is also offered to future groomers that are from another state and are not able to stay for school for the entire number of hours required. These students have the option to ‘test out’ of each breed groom (requiring accelerated learning skills). Students testing out early are required to pass the all tests with a score of 85 or higher out of 100. Course II is a comfortable fit for individuals that learn easily and quickly, and that do not exhibit past or current physical, learning, social or emotional disabilities. The equipment that comes with this course:

Cost: $4,400.00

  • 1 Andis two speed clipper                1 large nail clipper
  • 1 Andis #40 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of styptic powder
  • 1 Andis #30 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of clipper oil
  • 1 Andis #15 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of blade disinfectant
  • 1 Andis #10 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of ear powder
  • 1 Andis #7F A-5 blade                    1 tweezers
  • 1 Andis #5F A-5 blade                    1 dematting rake
  • 1 Andis #4F A-5 blade                    1 undercoat rake
  • 1 Andis #3F A-5 blade
  • 1 Andis #3/4 A-5 blade
  • 1 set of blade attachments
  • 1 short straight scissors
  • 1 medium curved scissors
  • 1 long curved scissors
  • 1 smock
  • 1 large slicker
  • 1 small slicker
  • 1 greyhound comb
  • 1 Diploma upon completion