Level III

Course III Advanced – Professional Groomer Training – 2 part course

Grooming AcademyThis course is a two part course that combines the Basic and the Advanced Courses. Hours are individualized to meet the needs of each student regarding working through physical, emotinal, mental or social disabilities, OR if none exist – working on business ownership skills while learning the trade of pet grooming. This course is geared towards the future business owner that needs a strong base knowledge in bathing/ brushing/and technical grooming skills. Handling difficult owners and difficult dogs is emphasized for the survival of your future business. This course teaches dental care and teeth scaling, common medical issues seen in the grooming room, customer service and phone skills, scheduling time, and the importance of kennel and shop sanitation. Basic bookwork and money management are addressed (for business ownership goals). The emphasis of this course is geared toward usable, employable, behaviors and patterns for relaxed pace learning requirements (pertinent and personalized for any student from a therapeutic boarding school) or personal business ownership (for fast paced learners). This course consists of 710 hours of hands on training and bookwork. Students that wish to open their own business are encouraged to bring their future shop measurements, and dimensions, budgets and business courses taken. They also should bring the average prices for grooming small (mini poodles), medium (cockers), large (collies) and extra-large dogs (New Foundlands) for the area where they will be opening. This course takes 6 -12 months to complete (6 months at 4 days a week). Equipment Included:

The cost of this course is: $7,400.00

  • 1 Andis two speed clipper                1 large nail clipper
  • 1 Andis #40 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of styptic powder
  • 1 Andis #30 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of clipper oil
  • 1 Andis #15 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of blade disinfectant
  • 1 Andis #10 A-5 blade                    1 bottle of ear powder
  • 1 Andis #7F A-5 blade                    1 tweezers
  • 1 Andis #5F A-5 blade                    1 dematting rake
  • 1 Andis #4F A-5 blade                    1 undercoat rake
  • 1 Andis #3F A-5 blade
  • 1 Andis #3/4 A-5 blade
  • 1 set of blade attachments
  • 1 short straight scissors
  • 1 medium curved scissors
  • 1 long curved scissors
  • 1 smock
  • 1 large slicker
  • 1 small slicker
  • 1 greyhound comb
  • All – breed groomer Certification Papers
  • 1 Diploma upon completion